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The marriages give you the groom first, the bride second, the date of marriage, book number or letter, then page number. In the groom book the groom is in order. In the bride group the bride is in order.
Some early marriages only have a date and no book and page number.

The Society only has an index form of these marriages to help you find the actual record in the courthouse. We do not have the actual records.

DISCLAIMER: We collected these records from the courthouse, reorder's office of Pike County. If you find a mistake in any name, date or page number we are not responsible. Please go to the original record which you can purchase a copy of from the recorder's office by sending in your money and sending a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope)

The cost of copies are copy: $2.00  a Certified copy $9.00. We thank you and wish you good luck in your search.