Pike County Missouri Township MapCemeteries are categorized by County Townships. Please refer to the map to help determine what township the cemetery you are looking for is located. Those who have a picture by it is a part of the Alices Niles project. Scroll down for the township to find an expandable selection of more information regarding each seperate cemetery. If you have information or photos that can be added please contact us today!


  • Ashley
  • Buffalo
  • Calumet
  • Cuivre
  • Indian
  • New Hartford
  • Peno
  • Prairieville
  • Salt River
  • Spencer


There are many cemeteries within Pike County. We are working on updating our website to link to an amazing resource to help you in your searches; findagrave.com. This website has an outstanding amount of information on cemeteries and the memorials within. You can find information on each cemetery including its location (if known) and the souls buried within. Below is a link to what findagrave.com currently has recorded for Pike County cemeteries and their memorials.

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Buffalo Township

Calumet Township

Cuivre Township

Indian Township

New Hartford Township

Peno Township

Prairieville Township

Salt River Township

Spencer Township