We have collected pictures from those who have donated them to us in hopes we can connect them to family members still around.

  • From the Scantland photo studio in Frankford Mo. Henry Barton and Henry's mother. Her name may be Mary.
  • A studio picture taken at Thomasson & Miller in Louisiana Mo. of Blanche Beavers. Henry's niece.
  • A snapshot dated 1920 of 5 women and 1 girl standing by a porch they are named as: Mrs. Hoback Hostetter, Aunt Rosa Lucas, Aunt Mary Lee Beavers, Mrs. Marsh Haden his name is Marshall, Mrs. Minnie Holman and Vivian. Both Minnie and Vivian are buried in the Fairview Cemetery in Frankford. Minnie's mother was a Steele, Her father was William James Meyer/Meyers. Mrs. Marsh Haden was Fannie Ellen Hostetter. Buried in Fairview Frankford. Rosa Lucas was d/o John W. Barton and Martha Mariah Beavers,(both of Va.) She married James E. Lucas both buried in Fairview cemetery. Mary Beavers was the wife of Thomas B. Beavers. Her father was a D. Smith and mother was Matilda ?
  • We have photos of the Cheadle family, home, and cemetery.
  • A picture of Alice Mae Cheadle.


We will be adding to this section as we have time and collect more items! Thank you for visiting, please contact us with any questions!