We have many resources to use in our library.

Pike County Obituaries from 1840-2015. Some of the earlier papers are incompleted but we do have some in early years.

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Family Tree

Here on this page we would like to share our vast listing of Family Histories that others have donated for our Family History shelf.


A-1         Amish History 1947-2007

A-2         Amish Directory 2000 Donated by Marvin Darnell

A-3         Anson Family

B-1         Jane Mulherin Barton 1801-1886

B-2         Boyd Family History

B-3         Life & Writings of Peter Branstetter

B-4         Branstetter, Daniels, Davis, Gridley, Sisson Families

B-5         Branstetters of Wright County, Mo.

B-6         Desc. Of Thomas Buchanan

B-7         Desc. Of James & Mary Buchanan

B-8         Buffum Family & Buffum Tools

B-9         Butler Family Charts

B-10       They Sleep In Buffalo (2013)

C-1         Our Calhoun Family

C-2         TheCalloway Family Journal

C-3         The Cannon Book

C-4         JosephElias Carroll & Kinfolk

C-5         Jounal of Judge Thomas Carroll

C-6         Col. Clark Family

C-7         The Cobb Chronicles

C-8         IsaacC. Colbert “Ike” 1855-1938

C-9         The Crawford Exchange

C-10       CriswellGenealogy Desc. 1813-1905

C-11       Copenhavers

C-12       Carter Family

C-13       Clark Family

E-1          The Edwards Family

F-1          Ferree & LeFevre Family of Ohio

F-2          Stories of the Finley & Enslen Families

F-3          Diary of Calvin Fletcher Vol I  1817-1838

G-1         John Gant Ca.1713-`1783 Va.

G-2         Gillium Families

G-3         Gordons of Nethermuir

G-4         Abel & Amos Griffith

G-5         Biography of the Guyers

G-6         Thomas Jefferson Gibson

G-7         Grote Family History

H-1         Hagan Family

H-2         Haralson-Hurelson Families

H-3         Elijah Henrick Family

H-4         Sara Hinton

H-5         Hopper Hunters

H-6         The Hoppers

H-7         Hostetter Family Vol I

H-8         Hostetter Family Vol II

H-9         Houchin Fanily

H-10       Houchin Fanily Photos

H-11       Hudson Book

H-12       Huston, Poole, Suhre, Kneubuhler, Mudd, Gibbs, Parsons Crawford, Norton, Shaw, Anson Families

I-1           Ingraham Estate

I-2           Inlow Charts

I-3           Ince Family

I-4           Ince, Muff, Turnbull

J-1           Jackson Family in America

J-2           Jeans Family

J-3           Jasper & Jane Simpson Jett

J-4           Jones Family of England, Wales, & America

J-5           Jones Family of Grayson Co. Va.

J-6           Jordan Ancestory

J-7           Johnson Family

K-1         Keith Family

K-2         Clayton Keith Album

K-3         Keith-Lampton Families

K-4         Johann Jurerg Kelch

K-5         Kilby Family of Pike Co

K-6         Christian Johann Kraft & Desc

L-1          Lafaon Genealogy

L-2          Layne Family of Virginia

L-3          Leake Genelogy

L-4          LeMasters 1639-1965

L-5          LeMasters

L-6          Lewis, Merwether, & Kindred Families

L-7          Lindsay Family

L-8          Lynn & Smith Charts

L-9          Lucas Family

M-1        Edward Manion Family

M-2        One Daughter’s Quest

M-3        McClintock

M-4        McConnells

M-5        McConnell Family

M-6        McDannold  Genealogy

M-7        Meriweither & Connections

M-8        Miller Family

M-9        Morriss Genealogy 1712-1972

M-10      John & Nancy Moore

M-11      Barak Mitchner & Quinton Moore

M-12      Peter Moore Family

M-13      Quinton Moore

M-14      Moore’s from W. Va. 1748-1988

M-15      Mobley, Enyart, Burnan, Smith

M-16      Muff Family

M-17      Muff Family

M-18      Muff Family

M-19      Muff, Jackson, Turnbull

M-20      Masters Family

N-1         Nebergall Family

N-2         Thomas Newbold Families

N-3         Norfolk

N-4         Northcutt Family & Others

O-1         Ogden, Hopwood, Moore, Staton, Pettey, Dempsey

O-2         Oliver Family Of Pike Co. Mo

P-1          Pierceall Family

P-2          Desc. Of AndrewJ. Pitzer


P-4          Purvine-Walker

R-1         Rees/Reese Family

R-2         Johann Renner

R-3         Casper Ricks Family

R-4         John Ruddle Family

R-5         Louis Runser

R-6         John & Sara Ruth Family

R-7         Rutherford Family Vol. I

R-8         Rutherford Family Vol. II

R-9         Reid Roots

S-1          Sallee Families

S-2          Sams Family History of Va.

S-3          Sandersons of Va.

S-4          Sandersons part two

S-5          Will Scoggins Desc.

S-6          Shannon Family

S-7          Shannon, Clark,Wilson, Nichols, & Foster

S-8          Reflections of Pop Leonard Shaw

S-9          Shepherd Family

S-10        Sitton Branch

S-11        Snedekers

S-12        The Stark Story

S-13        Starkeys

S-14        Stewarts

S-15        Stone Family

S-16        Sullivan Families of Va.

S-17        Sitton & Gibson

S-18        Sisson Family

S-19        Sitton Family

T-1          Benjamin Taul Desc.

T-2          J. Rose Tennant Families

T-3          Tennants of W. Va.

T-4          Tennants-Haught Family

T-5          Thornton Throng

T-6          Tipton Family

T-7          Benjamin Todd

T-8          David Tombs Desc.

T-9          Tombs Family History

T-10       Triplett Family

T-11       Turner, Milam, Weldy, Ellis, Dowell

T-12       Josiah Turpin

T-13       Turpin Family clippings

T-14       Turpin Moore, Whites, Robinson Genealogy

V-1         Vannoy Family

V-2         Vanarsdale Family

W-1        Waggoner of N.C.

W-2        Watson Family History

W-3        Desc. Of David Watson

W-4        Waugh Way

W-5        Mike Weaver Collection

W-6        Williamsons

W-7        Willard & Scroggins Family

W-8        Witten Family

W-9        Worrell Families

W-10      Wright Family

W-11      Willis, Mudd, Morris, Straube Families

Z-1          Andrew Zumwalt Family