Our society offers a multitude of books for purchase to aid in your research. You can request a book using the form below or you may order online and pick up, or we will ship anywhere in the US. We plan to offer these books as a downloadable version as well so that you can instantly have the information at your fingertips. Please be patient with us as we are a society based soley on volunteers and things like this take much time to digitize.

Many of our books contain specific Pike County Census, Cemetery, Marriage records and we continue to add more as we can. Additionally, we offer Cemetery record books compiled by Alice Niles that offer a multitude of information for many Pike County Cemeteries. They are a great resource to our library and to the genealogist busy with their family history. The pages of these Alice Nile’s books include a picture of the tombstone, obituary, (if available), Picture of the individual (if available), bio (if available), and death certificate (if available). These books are a great way to preserve those cemeteries for the future genealogist, since Mother Nature has a way of hiding them.

We encourage you to always come back because this is an on going project and there is always something new with us.

*DISCLAIMER* As of 2/2022 All Alice Niles books are temporarily unavailable for purchase. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Download the book order form here to mail in your request or browse our online library to purchase books.

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